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Friday, June 29, 2012

Replacement Lampshade Parts: What You Need to Know

Many online sites are available to search for replacement lampshades. Lampshades have a variety of measurements that are used to find the right size, though, when shopping for a replacement to use in your home, an easy trick is to measure the old lampshade with a ruler or a tape measure. You may need to remove the old lampshade from the lamp in order to take the proper measurements.

When you need to obtain four measurements from the old lamp shade, measure across the top and make a note of the diameter and then measure across the bottom. A measurement of the vertical length is also needed. Match these measurements with a replacement shade if you are looking for one that is the same size.

Another feature of replacement lampshades is the shade fitter, which is the part that is used to secure the shade. Your lamp will have one of three basic fitter types, which include the spider, the UNO, and the clip-on shade. Many sizes and shapes of shades can be found to fit most types of lamps that are used in your home. You have options for choosing a different color and style for the shade to update that look of any room in your home.

One of the most common fitters found on lampshades is a spider with harp style, which is often used on floor and table shades. Most lamps that you find online will include the correct size harp. An UNO fitter is often for a small table lamp and does not require a harp. The fitting on the shade is permanent and connects to the socket on the lamp. A clip-on fitting attaches directly onto a lamp and does not require any extra hardware.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Different Styles of Fabric Lampshades Can Transform a Room

You wouldn't ordinarily think that something as simple as a lampshade could have such an impact on the mood and aesthetics of your home. Good interior designers, on the other hand, know that it's all about the details. Making just a few simple tweaks to the current décor of your home can completely change the look and feel of a room without making a huge dent in your wallet. Below is an overview of some different styles of fabric lampshades with ideas on how they can transform your current home design.

An empire lampshade is a very traditional style perfect for traditional and classic style homes. They are circular in shape with a subtle size difference between the smaller top and larger bottom opening. The simplicity of the empire shape allows you to use a wider variety of fabric choices, from simple solid colors to modern prints, giving you more freedom to match the current decor of your room.

The basic coolie lampshade is another great option. This type of fabric lampshade is also round, but with a much more dramatic size difference from the top to bottom than the empire lampshade. The exaggeration of its construction makes it better suited for more contemporary or funky design choices. A simply-patterned coolie lampshade can be a great compliment to a statement or oriental read style lamp base, whereas a simple lamp base can look more upbeat and modern with a brightly printed fabric lampshade.

Lampshades also come in different shapes, like the cut corner square lampshade. This square shade has added lines on the corners, giving it a much more upscale look than a four sided square lampshade. Because of its very classical shape, this lampshade is perfect for making a traditional room look more rich and luxurious. Keeping the fabric print simple but with an expensive looking texture can help to convey a more upscale mood as well.

Of course, these are just a few of the different styles of lampshades you can consider when designing your room. There are many other types of fabric lampshades to choose from, all with different abilities to change the style of your décor. At Jovin, we truly care about lighting and design and we want to help you create the room of your dreams. Browse our wide selection of lampshades and lighting to find just what you need, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.