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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interior Decorating with Lighting

Many homeowners place a lot of pride in their homes with the design and layout of the way they design their rooms.  There can be a tremendous amount of comfort that comes with decorating the interior of a home and which is why interior decorating has become such a major market for homeowners.  The full usage of lighting including table lamps, overhead lighting, dimmers and recessed lighting fixtures can all add their own effect and impact the atmosphere and environment of the home.  In addition, the proper usage of other props including dishes, centerpieces, wreathes and wall elements can add additional impact and help set the overall image and tone of the environment.

Lighting is one of the most basic methods to create a pleasant internal atmosphere of the home.  Lighting is oftentimes considered to set the tone of the home.  Keeping this in mind, home owners have placed a large emphasis on arranging the room around the lighting sources to where they can generate the most impact.  In order to achieve the desired type of feel for the home, it is important to understand the drama and effects that come from such lighting.  For example, low lighting offers a more comfortable, dramatic and subtle setting while high usage of lighting can create impression and energy.  Both methods are commonly used and dictate the tone of the environment in which the homeowner wants to set.

Decorating the interior of a home is at the forefront of the majority of consumers’ minds.  Setting the proper atmosphere for the room should be our first priority when decorating and arranging the different types of setups.  In addition, homeowners can make a dramatic and energetic impact of the way in which they decorate their homes and can lead to an effective and proper presentation for guests to see.  While lighting considerations have come to be the main component of decorating, having a strong presence of secondary support including pictures, paintings and other props can back up the tone and provide a pleasant atmosphere for company to see.

Ultimately, it comes down to the homeowner and their specific taste.  Putting such a scene on display is entirely different for each circumstance and the actions including proper lighting will help set the tone and create the desired atmosphere for the room.  Lighting plays a major role in the setup and display of the room.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lampshades Enhance your Living Space

Lamps are an integral part of your home décor and can be one of the most noticeable accessories in a room. They also provide aesthetic functionality to every space, so it is essential that you select lampshades that are appropriate for the specific style that you have chosen.

In keeping with the defined lines and simplistic styling of a modern or contemporary décor, square and rectangular shades are two of the most popular designs available. Cut corners at the base of the shade enhance the style. Round lampshades with fancy dangling beads or gently scalloped bottom edges will complement a casual, traditional, country or cottage décor. Candlestick lamps can be incorporated into a variety of styles and are versatile enough to support any shape of lampshade.

Maintaining balance is important when choosing a lampshade and you'll want to be sure that the piece doesn't make the lamp appear too top heavy; to accomplish this, the shade should be approximately 2/3 the height of the base. It's also important that there be enough space under the shade for you to easily reach the control switch. Table lamps and floor lamps that are used for task lighting require shades that allow the light to be directed to a specific area.

Whether you are trying to improve a space or simply match your new furnishings, carefully-appointed lampshades will make the difference. In fact, if you have a room with tired décor, one of the easiest ways to give it a quick facelift is by adding new lamps with attractive shades. The color, shape, and design elements of both the lamp and its cover can be used to bring out the natural light of a room, enhance its lines, or convey a sense of elegance or style.